Office Flash Friday Broadcast for 2/15/2019

Show Notes

Power BI a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant or Analytics and BI

Power BI Export to PDF and On-Demand Email Subscriptions Available

PDF export in addition to PowerPoint! Also, subscription can now be trigged on-demand.

Power BI Export with Filters

Works with PDF and PowerPoint. Includes filters, slicers, cross-highlighting… more. Check out the post!

Power BI Admin Portal Bulk Operations

Replaces the need for repetitive admin operations that were usually solved with PowerShell. Examples: restore deleted workspaces, assign admin to orphaned workspaces.

Power BI Embedded Support for Service Principals

This approach replaces the previous approach of using a named Power BI Pro (and hence license) user for interacting with the Power BI API in embedded scenarios. Easier to create, cheaper, more secure!

Power BI Desktop Update for February

  • More formatting control of filtering pane
  • Cross highlighting from points in a line chart
  • Change default cross highlighting/filtering behavior in a report
  • Rounded corners!
  • Key influencers visual
  • Insights questions in Q&A and autogenerated Q&A question suggestions
  • A BUNCH of cool custom visuals!
  • A BUNCH of data connectors!
  • Better error messages for DQ/live connections

Flow Updates!

  • Flow now has the advanced condition capabilities that have been in Logic Apps.
  • SharePoint “Remind Me” feature based on a date in metadata
  • Code peek
  • New connectors: Microsoft Security Graph, XooaDB

Autopilot Remote Wipe for EDU

Great for end of year!

Feb Teams Roundup

  • Teams rooms
  • Usage Reporting
  • Templates and Bots
  • 3rd Party – MindMeister, Jira and more!

Teams Healthcare Announcements

ICYMI: O365 Privacy – new features review

  • Specialized Compliance workspace
  • Consistent labeling across Win, Mac, iOS, Droid
  • New analytics capabilities
  • Better support for comms review – important to regulated industries

SharePoint – Lots to catch up on!!