Office Flash Friday Broadcast for 2/1/2019

Show Notes

Flow DLP Enhancements

* HTTP connectors now subject to DLP
* Custom connectors are as well
* Right now, you can do this with a Flow template or PowerShell. GUI coming soon.

Send a Flow as a Copy

This is like creating a Flow template for the people you choose. Note the recommendations about private/personal data!

Power BI Email Subscription Time-Based Scheduling Available

You now have much more and granular control over when your email subscriptions are sent.

Discover PowerApps and Flows Using Specific Features

Leverage PowerShell to find PowerApps or Flows that are doing things like using custom connectors, premium connectors, on-prem connectors, HTTP actions.

Teams-Skype Roadmap Update

* Allllmost theeeere!!!
* Most net new/fwd-looking are over in the Teams Roadmap at this point

Teams Call Qual Dash – Potential false bad trend explained

* Issue seems to be driven from non-audio modalities impacting the data
* Change coming to address the issue

Teams – Updates IT Pro Docs/Guidance

As the service evolves, so do the docs!