OFF 2018-11-16

Show Notes

PowerApps Improved Discoverability with Microsoft Search

PowerApps and Flows ALM with Solutions

Use solutions to manage multiple PowerApps Canvas apps and Flows as a single,
well, solution.

PowerApps Display Names in Canvas Apps (Preview)

No more T-shirt Size becoming T_x002d_shirt_x0020_size.

Power BI Desktop November 2018 Update

* Expand/collapse matrix row headers
* Copy/paste between PBIX files
* Updated filtering experience with styling and more control over what report
consumers see
* More accessibility enhancements – selection pane is fully accessible!
* Updates to colors with conditional formatting on some visuals
* Related questions for Q&A for conversational analysis
* New modeling view – also includes enhanced accessibility
* Deeper dive on new modeling view:
* Composite models now GA
* New custom visuals
* New Azure DevOps Server connector
* PDF connector now supports Start and End Page parameters
* Updated Azure Consumption Insights connectors to include budget and reserved
instances data

Power BI Premium Preview of Paginated Reports (SSRS reports)

What you’d expect: highly formatted, pixel-perfect reports, export to popular
formats (Word, PDF, etc.), printing, parameters, sharing.

What’s coming: scheduling and email subscriptions, embedding, authoring against
already created Power BI datasets, drill through from a Power BI report to a
paginated report.

Power BI Paginated Reports in Mobile

Just wow!

Power BI Dataflows in Preview

ETL comes to Power BI as a first class citizen. Leveraging Azure Data Lake Store
and the Common Data Model.

Power BI Premium Metrics App Updated for Dataflows and Paginated Reports

More Metrics App updates here:

Power BI AI Announcements

* Azure Cognitive Services capabilities available in Power BI (text analytics,
image analytics)
* Key driver feature (why does something happen?)
* Build ML models using automated machine learning
* Integrate with advanced ML models managed by Azure ML