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No OFF 2018-10-26

No show this week, but check out these:

MCAS and oAuth threat prevention

• Approaches to detect and remediate oAuth permission grants across services.

iCYMI: Yammer Ip range shift > move to DNS firewall rules!

OFF 2018-10-19

Show Notes

Power BI Desktop October 2018 Update

* Added searching in filter cards
* Improved accessibility for editing charts and Q&A
* ArcGIS performance improvements
* Much improved DAX editor!
* Composite models and Aggregations support in the service
* Explain the increase/decrease for non-additive measures
* Web by Example connector is now GA
* SAP BW v2 connector is now GA
* SAP BW Message Server connector is now GA
* Vertica connector is now GA
* Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Central connectors are now GA
* Dynamics 365 Central on-premises connector in preview
* Data profiling in Query Editor
* Fuzzy matching in Query Editor
* Control data export from reports

Aggregations now available in Power BI Service Preview

Power BI Report Server Release Timing Update

Starting in 2019, Report Server and its associated Power BI Desktop will release
in January, May, and September.

Upcoming Web Cast on Power BI Data Flows

PowerApps How-To Video Series

Azure AD Federation Patterns

OFF 2018-10-12

Show Notes

Power BI Developer September 2018 Roundup

* Capacity Monitoring App for Power BI Embedded in Azure
* Advanced filtering via URL parameters
* Update connections between cloud and on-prem data sources programmatically
* USERNAME() now supports ASCII characters for a better RLS experience
* Beta of custom visuals supporting TypeScript 3.0.1 and more

Power BI Deep Dive into Custom Visuals

If you are leveraging organizational custom visuals, or want to, make sure to
check out this post.

PowerApps and Flow Sessions Not to Miss from Ignite

More weekend watching content!

PowerApps Enhancements to Make Creating New Apps Easier

These enhancements are designed to make development of new apps more
straightforward for creators.

New Updates Coming to Office in October

* Use ink to create intelligent presentations in PowerPoint with Ink to Text
and Design Ideas
* New integration with To-Do and
* Use ink to manage tasks in To-Do
* Forms is now available to consumers in Public Preview!

Enhanced Integration Between PowerApps and Dynamics

Previously it was required to install a package to achieve proper integration
between a Common Data Service database and Dynamics. This integration is now
built-in which provides a more seamless and reliable experience.

Public Preview of Win32 App Distribution via Intune

PowerApps Admin Analytics

NO OFF 2018-10-05

We’re doing studio maintenance this week, so no show today. Click here to check out the Ignite supershow from last week if you missed it!