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OFF – AFN Ignite Supershow 2018 -09-28

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Show covered the Ignite Book Of News (at least what we could fit into 90+ min… 

OFF 2018-09-21

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Help Shape the Future of Power BI

We’re making it easy to participate in research studies to review planned updates to Power BI.

Power BI Dashboard Comments

  • Comments for dashboards or specific visuals
  • @ mentioning
  • Works in mobile as well as desktop/web

Power BI Desktop September 2018 Update

  • Reporting: create dot plots using scatter chart visual, copy value/selection from table/matrix, built-in report themes, report page tooltip GA & card support, accessibility improvements for analytics/formatting panes
  • Analytics: preview of aggregation (huge!), Q&A support for row-level security
  • Custom visuals: horizon chart, etc.
  • Data connectivity: PDF connector preview, SAP BW support for measure properties, Dataflows preview
  • Data prep: M intellisense!, columns from example support for padding

On-premises Data Gateway September 2018 Update

Mashup engine matches that of the Power BI Desktop September 2018 update, bug fixes, etc.

Web Client of Remote Desktop now GA for Windows Server 2016/2019 Preview

Using PowerApps to Power Microsoft HR Employee Interaction

New PowerApps Screen Templates for Office 365

Screens for: email, people, meetings, calendars, first-time tutorial, success screen

Office VBA + AMSI: Parting the veil on malicious macros

  • Read up on it!

IMPORTANT – Modern Desktop Announcement – Review from 9/6

  • Tools for getting and staying current
    • System Center/Intune
    • Office Readiness
    • Windows Analytics

Ignite: O365 Network/Multi-Geo content and settings

Ignite: Teams Session Awesomness!

  • If you are going, or if you watch later, check these topics out!

No OFF 9-14, but do have one ICYMI…

You know how we’ve shown the cool Stream transcription and facial indexing features? We mentioned in briefly, but you now own that ability across almost ALL O365 license tiers!

Read the GOOD kind of fine print by Clicking Here

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More Intelligent Content Access -Current + Futures

  • File Insights
  • Intelligent sharing
  • Searchable images

ICYMI: Office Lens + Ink/Text

  • Ink+Text annotations in Office Lens

Test Flows w/Real Data

  • Supported at the moment by 4 connectors
  • More coming over time

ICYMI: Power Suite Release Docs for October updated late August

  • Go check out the PA/Flow announcements

Documented Full O365 MC/SC Flow

  • Same one we’ve shown, but with full docs and step-by-step 🙂
  • Also, trusted app, so it is better than my U+P rev – I was trying to crawl/walk/run, but this is the recommended approach for sure