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Office Flash Friday Broadcast for 2/15/2019

Show Notes

Power BI a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant or Analytics and BI

Power BI Export to PDF and On-Demand Email Subscriptions Available

PDF export in addition to PowerPoint! Also, subscription can now be trigged on-demand.

Power BI Export with Filters

Works with PDF and PowerPoint. Includes filters, slicers, cross-highlighting… more. Check out the post!

Power BI Admin Portal Bulk Operations

Replaces the need for repetitive admin operations that were usually solved with PowerShell. Examples: restore deleted workspaces, assign admin to orphaned workspaces.

Power BI Embedded Support for Service Principals

This approach replaces the previous approach of using a named Power BI Pro (and hence license) user for interacting with the Power BI API in embedded scenarios. Easier to create, cheaper, more secure!

Power BI Desktop Update for February

  • More formatting control of filtering pane
  • Cross highlighting from points in a line chart
  • Change default cross highlighting/filtering behavior in a report
  • Rounded corners!
  • Key influencers visual
  • Insights questions in Q&A and autogenerated Q&A question suggestions
  • A BUNCH of cool custom visuals!
  • A BUNCH of data connectors!
  • Better error messages for DQ/live connections

Flow Updates!

  • Flow now has the advanced condition capabilities that have been in Logic Apps.
  • SharePoint “Remind Me” feature based on a date in metadata
  • Code peek
  • New connectors: Microsoft Security Graph, XooaDB

Autopilot Remote Wipe for EDU

Great for end of year!

Feb Teams Roundup

  • Teams rooms
  • Usage Reporting
  • Templates and Bots
  • 3rd Party – MindMeister, Jira and more!

Teams Healthcare Announcements

ICYMI: O365 Privacy – new features review

  • Specialized Compliance workspace
  • Consistent labeling across Win, Mac, iOS, Droid
  • New analytics capabilities
  • Better support for comms review – important to regulated industries

SharePoint – Lots to catch up on!!

No OFF 2019-02-08

If you want a bit of fun content, check out the new Office 2019 vs. Office 365 video.  Think they are the same?  We think not! 🙂

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Office Flash Friday Broadcast for 2/1/2019

Show Notes

Flow DLP Enhancements

* HTTP connectors now subject to DLP
* Custom connectors are as well
* Right now, you can do this with a Flow template or PowerShell. GUI coming soon.

Send a Flow as a Copy

This is like creating a Flow template for the people you choose. Note the recommendations about private/personal data!

Power BI Email Subscription Time-Based Scheduling Available

You now have much more and granular control over when your email subscriptions are sent.

Discover PowerApps and Flows Using Specific Features

Leverage PowerShell to find PowerApps or Flows that are doing things like using custom connectors, premium connectors, on-prem connectors, HTTP actions.

Teams-Skype Roadmap Update

* Allllmost theeeere!!!
* Most net new/fwd-looking are over in the Teams Roadmap at this point

Teams Call Qual Dash – Potential false bad trend explained

* Issue seems to be driven from non-audio modalities impacting the data
* Change coming to address the issue

Teams – Updates IT Pro Docs/Guidance

As the service evolves, so do the docs!

Office Flash Friday Broadcast for 1/25/2019

Show Notes

EDU customers – Intune for Education update

* Autopilot reset
* Better iOS support
* Assignment rename and dynamic grouping

M365 CIS Foundation Benchmark now available!

* Hot Off The Press from Jon Trull and the ECG team!
* CIS guide

Windows Defender ATP integration with Microsoft Information Protection

Dynamic content protection integration

O365 for Mac on the Mac App Store

Get Office form the Mac store, and stay current!

Reminder: Cloud App Discovery – E3 vs E5 entitlement

* Discovery in MCAS (EMS E5) – The full blown Shadow IT Discovery solution. Documentation:
* Discovery in AAD (EMS E3) – known as CAD. This is similar functionally to MCAS but does NOT include risk assessment and anomaly detection in discovered usage. Documentation:
* You can review the comparison between Discovery in AAD CAD and MCAS here:

Ignite BRK 2182 – Building Custom Connectors for PA/Flow

* Don’t be afraid – more config than code!
* Example: Yelp API exposure to PA/Flow!

Teams Bot Builder v4

* It is more capable, but the layer model can take some getting used to
* Get you Geek hat on and check it out

Introducing Teams Room

* SRS-style functions, grounded in Teams
* Proximity detection (coming soon), makes it easy to discover and add nearby, available Microsoft Teams Rooms to any meeting.
* Companion experiences with mobile, to join your devices in content-only mode.
* Support for dual screen rooms.

Updated guidance for upgrading from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

* A streamlined end-to-end approach, making it easier to navigate our proven success framework for implementing change
* A “Get started” FAQ to highlight quickly the value of upgrading to Teams as well as when and how to take the next step in your journey
* A sample upgrade timeline that takes you from the pre-upgrade phase where you will plan and prepare for your upgrade, through the upgrade and into the post-upgrade phase, designed to sustain and amplify your outcomes.
* A summary of key considerations when preparing to upgrade your tenant and users to Teams Only mode.
* Supplemental deep dive technical resources around coexistence, interoperability, and migration.

Power BI Service Personal Bookmarks

Create your own bookmarks to capture relevant views to you. Includes page, filters, slicers, visual selection state, sorting, drill state, item visibility.

No sharing yet, but coming soon!

Power BI Dataflows Updates for January 2019

* 47 connectors supported at present! New: MySQL, Teradata, Azure Data Explorer, Active Directory, Smartsheet, Sybase… more supported behind the scenes (just not in the UI yet).
* Web connector now supports basic auth
* Support for native SQL queries (BYOS[QL])
* Advanced Power Query transformations via M.

Monetization of Power BI Custom Visuals

There are hundreds of visuals available in AppSource. Downloading is free, but some visuals may have in-app purchases for advanced features.

Power BI Report Server January 2019 Update

* Row-level security!
* Many new reporting features
* Improved DAX editor
* Accessibility improvements

Management of Data Gateways in the Power Platform Admin Center

Public preview.

PowerApps Audit Events now in Office 365 Security and Compliance Center

Events: Created app, Edited app, Deleted app, Launched app, Published app, Marked app as hero, Market app as featured, Edited app permissions, Deleted app permission, Restored app version

Flow/PowerApps Connector Updates for January

* User assignment support for Planner connector – great use case for Flow!
* Get categories for Office 365 calendar events
* New connectors: Ally and TxtSync

Flow Word (Business) Connector

* Generate PDFs from Word docs
* Populate a Microsoft Word template

Office Flash Friday Broadcast for 1/18/2019

Show Notes


* GitHub Free gives you unlimited private repositories with up to three collaborators per repository at no cost—and continued access to unlimited public repositories with unlimited collaborators.
* GitHub Developer is now called GitHub Pro. It includes everything in GitHub Free, unlimited collaborators for private repositories, and advanced code review tools for private and public repositories.
* GitHub Enterprise is the new unified product for Enterprise Cloud (formerly GitHub Business Cloud) and Enterprise Server (formerly GitHub Enterprise). Organizations that want the flexibility to use GitHub in a cloud or self-hosted configuration can now access both at one per-seat price.


* Desktop App Assure
* O365 Pro Plus
* Co-management


Check out the new integration!


* New UI
* Improved settings management


Lots to review – check it out!


* Time to make the shift to Modern!
* Starting April 1, 2019, it will no longer be possible to restrict an entire organization (tenant) to classic mode for lists and libraries
* Check out the Scanner to understand impact:


* Recorded video on the module topic presented by a professional trainer
* Presentation slides on the topic
* Hands-on lab for the module
* Demo materials used in the recorded videos

Office Flash Friday Broadcast for 1/11/2019

Show Notes

Power BI Desktop 2018 Recap

Over 150 substantive features added to Power BI Desktop in 2018; almost 3 a week!

Easy Embedding of Power BI Reports Internally

This gives you a nice middle option that was previously missing for embedding of
corporate reports.

Power BI On-premises Data Gateway December Update

* SAP BW SSO enhancements
* December Mashup Engine Update

Flow Conference Sessions Available On-demand

Find out what 300,000 people already did.

Flow Updates

* Filter your Flows – yes please!
* SharePoint Page Approvals with Flow
* New connectors (Acumatica, Plumsail HelpDesk)

MyAnalytics More Broadly Available

If you have a plan with Exchange Online (Business Essentials, Business Premium E1, E3, and E5 plans), you will now have MyAnalytics.


* Shifts, location sharing, new smart camera
* Check out the GraphAPI for Shifts!


Monitoring, ticket generation, etc.

No OFF for January 4, 2019

Happy new year! Doug and Todd are still wrapping up their break, but we’ll be back next week!

No OFF 12-28-2018 but get ready for group doc flow update

However if you want to add Yammer group governance plus all O365 group coverage (as opposed to just Teams) to the Documentation Flow I’ve been working on I do have some pre-work for you.

The flow I’ll publish next week does much more than just the Teams stuff, however it requires a Yammer API key for adding in state from that service which allows reporting on Yammer enablement as well as Teams.

Want to get started? Follow the instructions on this excellent blog post until you get to the part where you have the AuthZ code. You DO NOT need to make the referenced flow – my upcoming Git post will have one you can just import.

Happy New Year all!